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You are all very welcome to our website. The site was create by Sé Moriarty, based on an idea by Robert Carroll. As we build our web site you will get a sense of who we are and how we function and develop as a community within the Ballyfermot area. Watch This space.


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            The Blackcladdagh Garden Party 2010



 FiFi Le Chef

Tommy, Do Not Give Up The Day Job


           The Garden Party for 2010

Thanks to FiFi Le Chef here on the left and all the people that  put in the effort and worked hard to  make our first garden party a roaring success, We The Committee Thank You.

To those who came along for the ride and the credit,,,TOUGH.

For our first time out I thought we did pretty well,,,not bad at all for people in, "SHELTERED ACCOMODATION"

When I get more foto's I will add to this topic as we go.

 In the mean time go and visit our Foto Gallery and see the foto's of the day. 


                        Smokey And The Bandit

What can you say about this foto.

It really does speak volumes.

Only In Dublin

Fame The Musical


 Congratulations to our local resident Mrs. Morris on the success of her Granson Ben Morris and Jessica Cervi on their well earned win at this years contest held in The Helix. We wish them every success in their future careers.

The outstanding performence by Ben and Jessica was indeed something to watch and if they carry that kind of talent and energy through-out their working careers I have no doubt but that they will reach great hights in the world of entertainment.

Well done to you both. You have made your family, friends and relations very proud of you.

As well as being hero and heroine across the lenth and breath of Ireland I am also very sure that in your respective areas of Tallaght & The East Wall you will be honored as well you should be.

From all the residence of Blackditch & Claddagh Court we wish you both the best of all that you would wish for yourselves in your chosen careers.

To you both, the very best of what life has to offer.

The BlackCladdagh Committee.


             Coffee Morning Tuesday 29 June 2010

 The Ladies received a lovely surprise this morning when Ben called over with his Nan to say hello to the girls and thank them for their vote.

To the delight of the girls Ben brought up some cakes for them to enjoy with their coffee and a selection of CDs to listen to while they chat and enjoy their coffee mornings.

A sometimes shy, but well mannered and grounded young man he spent the morning chatting to and mixing with the ladies, some of whom wanted to run away with him and not just to mother him either. Be nice ladies,,, yeah right.

Thank you Ben, that was  considerate and thoughtful  of you and from the feed back I got, well received.

You can see more foto's of the morning  on our Photo Gallery Page. Just got to the top of this page and cliuck on photo gallery.





 The 2009-2010 commitee it has to be said did a fantastic job of relentless work for the residence of Black ditch & Claddagh Court. So on behalaf of us all we thank you for

 your time and effort



Paddy Murphy, (Jnt Treasurer) - Kay Ronan, (Secretary) - Tommy Moriarty, (Chairperson)

Joan Murphy, (CM) - Jimmy Callaghan, (Jnt Treasurer) - Ann Fitzgerald, (CM)


Lily Whelan, (CM) - Brian Tate, (Estate Management DCC) - Paul Healy, (DCC)

Tommy Sheridan, (Trustee DCC) - Brendan Keogh, (Vice Chairperson)

A Special Thank You To Our Liason Officer

Sharon Mason





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                       The Last Tram To Dalkey

The Last Tram to Dalkey was driven by;

John Brown


Cunducted By:

John Doyle


A 1911 Tram Time-Table. How things have changed.


 John Doyle, (Tram Conducter) & Jimmy Ryan, (Driver) on their break.

Photograph Courtsey


Andy Doyle


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